The Way of The Ant

This is a book which I completed and published in 2016. 'The Way of The Ant' is a book which fits into multiple categories - it's a book on leadership, personal excellence, a nation-guiding book, and much more. It's published by WestBow press, and it has been a delight working with them. This is the official synopsis of the book:

Man as a creature is superior to other lesser elements of our ecosystem. Superior in wisdom, mannerism, conduct and lifestyle and should of course instruct all nature in terms of leadership and dominion. It becomes amazing however that 'mighty' man would be asked to stoop so low and

“Go to the ant; Consider her ways and be wise...”
Proverbs 6:6

This rather imposing statement clearly spotlights the ant as tiny and frail as it is as an unusual agent of wisdom, an embodiment of strength and a master of leadership coordination. Our study of the ant presents some strong lessons to us on the preferred approach to life and judgement of issues in a way that will inspire the much needed change in our own thought process and overall view of life. We will learn from the ant that life is about determination and the will to push through against all odds until we succeed. We will acquire the “never give up” spirit of the ant, we will cast less blames on our poor states of being, our nation, background and ecology for our present outcomes in life and we will develop a strong determination from within to try again and never retreat or surrender until we win!

The Way of the ANT is a book on National Transformation by mindset reengineering. It is a book that will get us to see things from a standpoint of personal responsibility and collective positive delivery towards communual rebirth and social emancipation.

We each constitute a tiny part of our larger society and each individual must endeavour to play his/her role and well enough to create the appropriate societal linkage that will eventually constitute grounds for national growth and global enhancement.

We are important! We must create value! We should not just exist, but rather live in such a way that our own endpoints in life will stir up sufficient motivation in the man next door to effectively champion his own course to natural excellence.

This is the way of the ant!
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